class pyexcel.internal.generators.BookStream(sheets=None, filename='memory', path=None)[source]

Memory efficient book representation

Comparing with pyexcel.Book, the instace of this class uses pyexcel.generators.SheetStream as its internal repesentation of sheet objects. Because SheetStream does not read data into memory, it is memory efficient.

__init__(sheets=None, filename='memory', path=None)[source]

Book constructor

Selecting a specific book according to filename extension :param OrderedDict/dict sheets: a dictionary of data :param str filename: the physical file :param str path: the relative path or absolute path :param set keywords: additional parameters to be passed on


__init__([sheets, filename, path]) Book constructor
load_from_sheets(sheets) Load content from existing sheets
number_of_sheets() Return the number of sheets
to_dict() Get book data structure as a dictionary