Book.save_as(filename, **keywords)

Save the content to a new file

Keywords may vary depending on your file type, because the associated file type employs different library.


filename: a file path

choose a specific pyexcel-io plugin for writing
choose a pyexcel parser plugin for writing

Parameters related to csv file format

for csv, fmtparams are accepted

delimiter :
field separator
lineterminator :
line terminator
csv specific. Specify the file encoding the csv file. For example: encoding=’latin1’. Especially, encoding=’utf-8-sig’ would add utf 8 bom header if used in renderer, or would parse a csv with utf brom header used in parser.
escapechar :
A one-character string used by the writer to escape the delimiter if quoting is set to QUOTE_NONE and the quotechar if doublequote is False.
quotechar :
A one-character string used to quote fields containing special characters, such as the delimiter or quotechar, or which contain new-line characters. It defaults to ‘”’
quoting :
Controls when quotes should be generated by the writer and recognised by the reader. It can take on any of the QUOTE_* constants (see section Module Contents) and defaults to QUOTE_MINIMAL.
skipinitialspace :
When True, whitespace immediately following the delimiter is ignored. The default is False.
pep_0515_off :
When True in python version 3.6, PEP-0515 is turned on. The default is False