How to write a plugin for pyexcel


Under writing. Stay tuned.

There are three types of plugins for pyexcel: data parser, data renderer and data source.


Let me walk you through the process of creating pyexcel-pdfr package.


  1. pip install moban yehua
  2. git clone # generic setup
  3. git clone

Let me assume that you have the work directory as:

setupmobans pyexcel-commons

and YOUR_WORK_DIRECTORY points to the base directory for both.

And then please export an environment variable:

export YEHUA_FILE=$YOUR_WORK_DIRECTORY/pyexcel-commons/yehua/yehua.yml

Now let’s get started.

Step 1

Call yehua to get the basic scaffolding:

$ yehua
Yehua will walk you through creating a pyexcel package.
Press ^C to quit at any time.

What is your project name? pyexcel-pdfr
What is the description? parses tables in pdf file as tabular data
What is project type?
1. pyexcel plugins
2. command line interface
3. python's C externsion
(1,2,3): 1
What is the nick name? pdf

Step 2

Call moban to inflate all project files:

$ cd pyexcel-pdfr/
$ ln -s ../pyexcel-commons/ commons
$ ln -s ../setupmobans/ setupmobans
$ moban
Templating README.rst to README.rst
Templating to
Templating requirements.txt to requirements.txt
Templating to
Templating tests/requirements.txt to tests/requirements.txt
Templating test.script.jj2 to
Templating test.script.jj2 to test.bat
Templating travis.yml.jj2 to .travis.yml
Templating gitignore.jj2 to .gitignore
Templating docs/source/ to docs/source/

Step 3 - Coding

Please put your code in pyexcel_pdfr